Money Lyrics-5 Amazing Steps to be a Great Song Writer

Money Lyrics-Here are 5 Amazing Steps to be a Great Song Writer

1. Write down ideas

While there are many ideas when you thing about the writing, the best way is to write them down, examine them and choose the best one to go further and craft lyrics.

2. Giving a title

After that, you need to choose a good song title which can catch the listener’s attention. Try to keep it short, spicy while putting some degree of curiosity into it. Money Lyrics should meet this criteria.

Tips to make good title of the money lyrics

– Describe a noun/emotion/ action – “Pinky Rope”, “Sexy Ending”, “Black Heart”

– Drawing a picture – “1 thousand kiss”, “Heart on the Moon”

– Use slang words and phrases – “Put it off”, “Love causes blindness”

– Intentionally Refer to someone/something – “You kill my hope”, “I need your love, Anna”

– Try to keep it no more than six words

3. Commence writing-Money Lyrics

First of all, you may be worry about the meaning of the song, its popularity when it goes into society etc. Don’t worry much. Just writing down what come first into your mind while thinking of the title.

After that, piece the ideas together by dropping the useless one. Refine it again and again till the point you satisfy.

4. Review once done

It’s the time for reviewing after spend hours, days, nights or even weeks on craving a meaningful lyrics. Try to look for every mistake and think deeply about its possible consequences in society and to the audiences.

5. Start producing your song

Cheer! it’s time to make your lyrics viral by putting them into music. Choose someone to sing or you can record you voice on your own.

It may be the time to cultivate money from the public with your albums, shows and concerts


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