Robin Hood Prince of Thieves-a good and bad man

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves-a good and bad man
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves-a good and bad man

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Who is Robin Hood ?

Robin Hood was a incredible courageous bad guy  As a result, He initially delineated in English fables and in this way highlighted in writing and film. According to the legend, he was a profoundly skillful bowman and swordsman. His struggling life of Taken placed in England during the era of King Richard the Lionheart. Morover, his life related to the nice Maid Marian and prevent the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

Was He Real or Fake?

The historicity of Robin Hood isn’t demonstrated and has been talked about for centuries. There are various references to verifiable figures with comparable names. Some people view his story as conceivable prove of his presence, a few dating back to the late 13th century. Students of history and folklorists mooted At slightest eight conceivable beginnings to the story . And there are proposals that “Robin Hood” is just a stock assumed name.

In the film

In 2018 Otto Bathurst directed this American action-adventure film directed from a story by Chandler. Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan are the actors.

Nevertheless, the film releasing on November 21, 2018 gained negative reviews from the audiences in term of the direction, narrative and waste of the cast.

What are the morals of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves?

Robin Hood was a donor who rob the wealthy to deliver to the destitute. It was the Scottish history specialist John Major who in 1521 composed that “[Robin] permitted no harm to women, nor seized the goods of the poor, but helped them generously with what he took from abbots”.

Was He Deserve Blame?

In general point of view, he shouldn’t deserve any serious blame because he steal from the rich to help the poor. He has a good intention, however!


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