bald guy song |June 4th 2005, will always be remembered

bald guy song by Peter Alexis Shukoff is very popular on the Internet. As of the mind 2020, there are 1 and a half million views of bald guy song on YouTube.

bald guy song |June 4th 2005, will always be remembered
Peter Alexis Shukoff

#bald guy song lyric

June fourth 2005, Will always be remembered as the day that I,
Looked into the mirror, and confirmed my suspicion, I’m losing my hair.
I thought about labishahaha, but having just one ball really freaks me out, I went down to Boswell institute, The sales told me it’s only as much as a call to get a transplant.
With only 3 weeks of head scabs, that’s not for me.
NO, if it’s balding I am then it’s a bald guy I’m gonna be!
I know I’m not alone, every room I go to some dude knows how I feel, it’s just hair! (hair).
If virtruvian were bald we wouldn’t have that shit anywhere!
I’ve gotta few years to go, before it really starts to show.
Until that day, I still got hair, but I’m gonna be a bald guy some day.
Bruce Willis is fucking hot!
And Captain Picard is generally regarded as sexy. (I look just like that dude from snatch)
If I just start working out, and buy some clothes I’ll be so cool…
Oh no so I’m a bald guy! (Bald guy) I’m gonna be a bald guy (bald guy) Gonna be a bald guy some day

#bald guy artist

Peter Alexis Shukoff (born August 15, 1979), also known as Nice Peter or Bluesocks, is an American comedian, musician and Internet personality. A self-described “Comic/Guitar Hero”, the comedy on his YouTube channel, NicePeter, especially the comedic series Epic Rap Battles of History make him well-known. As of June 8, 2016, NicePeter has over 2.6 million YouTube subscribers.

The day after hitting one million subscribers, the video game channel G4 crowned Nice Peter the King of Dot Comedy on Attack of the Show. His two channels, Nice Peter and Epic Rap Battles (ERB), have a total of over 17 million subscribers, and 4 billion views as of February 2019. 

He also has a third channel that he uses for vlogs and “Monday Shows”, a show that he uploads on either Mondays or Tuesdays consisting of different segments including “Viewer Mail”, “Twitter Question Time”, and “Ask a Giraffe”. The Huffington Post,, and the January 2012 issue of Wired featured them. An interview with Forbes details Peter and his partner Lloyd Ahlquist’s rise to fame.


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