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Movies, also known as films, are a type of visual communication which uses moving pictures and sound to tell stories or teach people something. People in every part of the world watch movies as a type of entertainment, a way to have fun.Action movies 2020 : For some people, fun movies can mean movie that make them laugh, while for others it can mean movie that make them cry, or feel afraid.

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Most movies are made so that they can be shown on big screens at movie theatres and at home. After movie are shown on movie screens for a period of weeks or months, they may be marketed through several other media. They are shown on pay television or cable television, and sold or rented on DVD disks or videocassette tapes, so that people can watch the movie at home. You can also download or stream movie. Older movies are shown on television broadcasting stations.

Action movies 2020

A movie camera or video camera takes pictures very quickly, usually at 24 or 25 pictures (frames) every second. When a movie projector, a computer, or a television shows the pictures at that rate, it looks like the things shown in the set of pictures are really moving. Sound is either recorded at the same time, or added later. The sounds in a movie usually include the sounds of people talking (which is called dialogue), music (which is called the “soundtrack”), and sound effects, the sounds of activities that are happening in the movie (such as doors opening or guns being fired). In the 20th century the camera used photographic film. The product is still often called a “film” even though there usually is no film.action movie

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